GONE AWAY by Elizabeth Noble

GONE AWAY by Elizabeth NobleGone Away by Elizabeth Noble
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Riece Burrell has always been a little bit different.  He goes through life in his own special way and relationships were few and far between.   When Riece starts college he meets Mason Arquette who’s studying for his Master’s degree and somehow the two click.  The freshman is comfortable with the taciturn intellect, while Mason has infinite patience with Riece’s quirks. Everything seemed to be going well until the day Riece abruptly left without a word.


Years later Riece accepts a job with the U.S. Forestry service as their chief photographer.  The ranger who volunteers to taxi Riece around is none other than his past lover Mason.


It is an uncomfortable start so they fall on professional courtesy until they slowly thaw out.  Over time Riece and Mason work through what went wrong and begin to regain what was lost.  A harmless stop evolves into a dangerous confrontation with hunters whose game of choice are not animals.  Running for their lives was not part of the plan.


Two men are given a second chance at love in Gone Away. Riece is somewhat hard to figure out and Mason isn’t the easiest man to love either.  They are given another opportunity to get things right in this fast paced intense story.  Feel the heat in Gone Away as Riece and Mason fight for survival.  Take in the danger, the suspense.  Hunters are breathing down their necks.  Enjoy their journey.

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