THE GREAT UNICORN HUNT BEGINS by Stephani HechtThe Great Unicorn Hunt Begins by Stephani Hecht
Series: Little Monsters #2
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

A unique family of various paranormals is living at an abandoned insane asylum.  Their leader Bronson is a Spring-Heeled Jack who recently found his mate Nixon, a Brownie.  The family was forced to defend their home when Nixon was threatened by an old enemy.  Thankfully life is getting back to normal, or at least their version of normal.


At this year’s annual Villain’s Ball immortal knight William and his half-sister Lliassa, a half human, half gorgon, listen to the announcement by an elderly vampire offering one billion dollars to whoever captures and delivers a unicorn.  Every time William looks at the picture of the last known unicorn he feels a strong need to protect and defend the blonde man.


Everyone at the asylum is appreciative of Charlie’s skills in the kitchen.  For the most part none of them had had it so good as far as home cooked meals until Charlie joined their quirky family.  It looks like their smoothly running home is going to get more upheaval as Charlie receives a warning that there’s a bounty on his head.  His life and that of his new family will be put at risk.  If he stays Charlie knows his new friends could die, which is the last thing he wants.  He has to leave to protect them.


An entertaining story from beginning to end, The Great Unicorn Hunt Begins will delight readers.  Inventive characters are given humorous dialogue to carry them through a totally bizarre plotline.  The results are a romantic screwball comedy of sorts.  Book two in the Little Monsters series continues with an oddball pairing of lovers.  Side step reality and enjoy the world of these characters in The Great Unicorn Hunt Begins.

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