GRIF by Bianca D’Arc

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GRIF by Bianca D’ArcGrif by Bianca D'Arc
Series: Redstone Clan #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
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Lindsey Tate is a human who is doing her best to right an old wrong that her grandfather did many years ago.  In preparation for the celebration quest she must take, Lindsey has moved to her grandfather’s cabin and has gotten a waitressing job to pay the bills.  It’s almost time for the celebration when Lindsey meets a man who totally gets her attention.  Of course it happens now, when Lindsey really doesn’t expect to survive the Goddess’ ruling that will hopefully even-out the score.  Lindsey is trying to avoid the local werewolf clan until the time is right for her offering to the Goddess to correct the past wrong done to them.


Griffon Redstone is the alpha of his Clan and the oldest of his five brothers and his baby sister.  While Grif and his family are cats, his pack has accepted shifters and even some mated humans.  Grif’s entire family is still reeling from the murder of their mother, but especially his baby sister who found her.  Now that it’s time to begin the healing, Grif has taken his sister and traveled to a place in the mountains that has always given him peace.  He is really hoping that spending some time in the mountains away from the rest of the family and clan will be enough to help him and his sister recover.  Things seem to be slowly moving forward when Grif meets a waitress who has his cat wanting immediate attention.


Grif finds out pretty fast that Lindsey is not wanted or liked by the wolf clan who lives on this mountain, but he can’t figure out why at first.  However, when they come to make their opinions known, Grif takes a stand to protect her—not the best way to keep your head down when you are just visiting another clan’s homelands.  Little by little, Grif and his inner cat learn about Lindsey and stumble in on her celebration.  They are both surprised by the Goddess’s response to Lindsey’s plea to make up for the harm her grandfather did to the wolf clan.  However, Grif’s inner cat is beyond happy, because now Lindsey can be his true mate—that is, if they can get her past the first rough aspects that most shifters go through as they come into their powers.  If that isn’t enough, it appears the same ancient enemy that has been attacking those who follow the Goddess’ light has found them, and intends for all the shifters on that mountain to remain there permanently—just not alive.


Love can strike at any time, especially when the timing just doesn’t work for either party…like the Goddess is going to pay any attention to the pesky matters of day-to-day living in her grand scheme of things.  Grif and Lindsey learn firsthand just how hard it is go circumvent the Goddess’s plans in Grif.  After reading the book where Grif’s mother is murdered, I knew that the Redstone brothers’ books would be edgy and have an overshadowing of sorrow in them.  I was right there with fingers crossed as Grif and Lindsey first met, cautiously got to know one another, and then fell paws over tails in love.  I’m honestly not sure who was hardest hit.  Was it Lindsey when she found herself with a new dual personality and unable to control the raging lust she had toward Grif from the very beginning?  Or was it Grif, because he had to try and help Lindsey and his sister while not only keeping them protected, he also struggled with his inner cat who wanted to claim Lindsey as their mate?  Having a mate who didn’t grow up as a shifter and was suddenly thrown in can be nerve racking to a male.  I gave large cheers as Grif and Lindsey were not only able to overcome the hurdles that could have torn them apart, but they also defeated yet another of the arms that were trying to destroy those who live and love in the Goddess’s light.  Grif is fast paced and filled with the best kind of suspense and passion until the very end.  I’m looking forward to watching each of the Redstone brothers meet their mates.

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