GUARDIAN by Nancy Northcott

GUARDIAN by Nancy NorthcottGuardian by Nancy Northcott
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Paranormal, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Hachette Digital, Inc.

Reviewed by Jo

A POWER TO KILLFBI agent Camellia

Camellia “Mel” Wray is an FBI agent who right now is standing over the body of an old friend and vowing to do everything she can to find out who killed her and how.  Mel is also having a problem knowing that if she would have immediately come to visit her friend instead of needing to finish a case she was working on, maybe she could have stopped the murder.  Now Mel is making it her job to find the killer and bring him/them to justice by working with the locals and their experts.


Dr. Stefan Harper is the man that several law enforcement agencies call on for a consult when something on the case is strange.  In this case, Stefan also knows this town and its people pretty well and immediately comes when he gets the call and learns of the strange aspects, at least to those who don’t have his knowledge of the Protectors who protect humans from things they have no idea live around them.  When Stefan arrives for a personal look, he finds out that one of the officials is no other than Mel, the woman he loved and because he couldn’t tell her about what he really was left him.


The last thing Mel wants to deal with is Stefan and all the emotions he brings with him.  Mel can’t understand why Stefan sometimes acts like he was the one wronged all those years ago instead of her.  When the questions and evidence begin to point to otherworldly answers, Mel is not about to believe it.  She just believes that everything has a rational explanation.  However when Mel and Stefan are kidnapped, Mel not only has real proof that otherworldly beings exist but she also learns about the people who fight them to protect humans every day of their lives.  She also learns the truth about what really was going on when she and Stefan were together the first time.  But is it too much too late for their passion to survive?


Two lovers are given a second chance at love if they can only overcome the misunderstandings and obstacles in front of them in time.  Guardian is bringing Stefan and Mel back together and this time the truth will certainly be stranger than fiction.  I have to admit when I found out why Mel and Stefan broke up the first time; I could understand both sides easily.  I also felt sorry for both of them but especially for Stefan because of the rules that he had to deal with.  I began to wonder if Mel would ever be able to believe Stefan when he finally told her the truth.  I knew that if they could get past that, the passion would not be an issue between these two.  When Mel and Stefan were kidnapped, my thoughts turned to if they could both escape and if Mel could overcome the trauma to accept Stefan’s world and his love.  The final outcome was all I could have asked for.  Guardian took a second chance at love story and twisted it with great paranormal elements and suspense along with the passion for a perfect outcome.

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