GUARDING JANUARY by Sean MichaelGuarding January by Sean Michael
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press



Rye Sommers specializes in long time private protection.  He’s a hardcore bodyguard for those who can afford his skills.  The longer the job the better as far as Rye is concerned.  His latest employer is none other than the Vampire King himself, Lord January.


Well, technically it’s his manager Donna Heard who hired Rye because Lord January or LJ is fresh out of rehab after eight months.  A nasty wake-up call after his heart stopped twice sent the pseudo vampire king for help.


LJ comes home a frail, painfully thin, and fragile twenty something who desperately wishes to return to the relative safety of rehab where no one expects him to be Lord January.


The bodyguard’s first interaction with his client isn’t promising.  It is abundantly clear the singer has given up on life.  Nudging and cajoling barely works. Getting LJ ready for a world tour is going to take every ounce of Rye’s skills.


As the days slowly pass Rye sees the man behind the façade, Jeff Smart a lost and lonely soul with a gift that’s killing him, body and soul.  Falling for Jeff is so unexpected which is why the bodyguard cherishes the feelings he has for his broken love.  As for Jeff he finally has someone who’d rather be with him and not Lord January.  Too bad the rest of the world doesn’t feel that way.


Incredibly poignant and sensitive.  Guarding January rocks.  Multi-talented author Sean Michael pens a powerful tale of morals, foibles, and heart.  Rye is a straight arrow who loves a lie, a ghost.  A careful, calculated act turned Jeff into a false god who’s crumbling under the weight.  Their story is an intensely private romance.  Guarding January digs deeper and deeper into the human spirit and comes out swinging.  Feisty, sizzling, and ultimately satisfying.

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