GUARDING HIS MARK by S. A. WelshGuarding His Mark by S. A. Welsh
Series: Shifters Protection Specialists Inc. #3
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing


Between assignments for Shifters Protection Specialists, Inc. King Cobra shifter Khan is cruising a paranormal bar when a cute human approaches him.  After a soul tingling kiss Khan follows Casey home for the most memorable night of his life.  The next morning an accidental discovery reveals his lover as Dr. Casey Jameson, a research scientist.  Memories of childhood trauma at the hands of a scientist resurface for Khan.  He leaves without a backward glance.


It has been five months since that night and Khan is still unable to forget Casey.  Disguising himself Khan takes the place of a courier and visits Casey at his small lab.  The sexy human turns out to be a good man doing research to help people by using cobra venom.  Pretending to be Roan the courier Khan secretly supplies Casey with the venom he needs to continue with his work.


Unfortunately Casey’s ex-boss and ex-lover want the scientist’s research and will stop at nothing to obtain it.  Revealing the truth of Khan’s subterfuge could destroy their friendship and any chance for more between them, but leaving Casey defenseless will prove deadly.


Smooth, sensual, and completely addictive, the Shifters Protection Specialists, Inc. series doesn’t miss a beat with their latest offering Guarding His Mark.  King Cobra shifter Khan meets his future in his earnest scientist, Casey.  Oozing dominance and passion whenever the sweet yet steadfast doctor is around Khan is all alpha as he unlocks the puzzle that is Guarding His Mark.  Fast paced action, adventure, and loving make Guarding His Mark the whole romantic package.

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