HANGING THE STARS by Rhys FordHanging the Stars by Rhys Ford
Series: Half Moon Bay #2
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Angel Daniels never had a conventional childhood.  The grifter’s son was used frequently by his father as a means to cheat people out of their money.  If not for the kindness of an elderly woman Angel never would’ve had a chance at a normal life.  He honors the lady’s wishes by helping people and running a small, popular bakery in Half Moon Bay.


A few years ago his father stopped by long enough to drop off a previously unknown little brother.  At eleven Roman is a handful, constantly fearing his big brother will also abandon him.  Angel does his best raising Roman and keeping the bakery busy.


Inheriting wealth from cold as ice parents West Harris has greatly increased the family’s coffers with his own clever skills.  West’s twin brother Lang chose another route and prefers a quieter life with his husband and daughter.


Years ago, one hot summer Angel and West met at the beach and fell in love.  They were ripped apart by family but ultimately blamed each other for their broken hearts.


A current business deal has Angel and West at loggerheads.  Old hurts and memories haven’t dulled apparently, but that’s nothing compared to the danger that surrounds them.  Someone is intent on killing them and clues are scarce.  Whatever it is involves them both.  The question is why.


Hanging the Stars breathes life into a complex character driven drama.  Witty, fast paced dialogue keeps the intense plotline moving briskly along.  The business man and the bakery owner lock heads and battered hearts in the suspenseful mystery.  Roman and a young niece add another interesting layer to Hanging the Stars.  Bittersweet and sweet intentions flavor this winning story.

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