IT HAPPENED IN SCOTLAND by Patience GriffinIt Happened in Scotland by Patience Griffin
Series: Kilts and Quilts #6
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Berkley Publishing Group



When I saw It Happened in Scotland by Patience Griffin I knew I wanted to read it right away not only because of the beautiful cover but also because the blurb sounded like something that I would enjoy and I really did.


Rachel lost her husband, Joe three years ago and now it’s time for her to take their five year old daughter to meet his family in Gandiegow, Scotland. Rachel has only been to this town a few times, including when she married her husband and then again to bring home his ashes. But not everyone will welcome her with open arms, including Brodie who she fell in love with the week before her wedding. Rachel is hoping that Brodie will give them a second chance. Even though Brodie is reluctant to give his heart to her again Rachel is not going to give up this time.


Brodie had his heart broken when Rachel didn’t call off the wedding to his cousin, Joe, and he is shocked to see her after all these years. He is over the heart break, or so he keeps telling himself, but Rachel’s daughter Hannah is winning him over slowly and deep down he wishes they could be a family but old wounds are hard to heal. After a few steamy kisses Brodie decides to keep his distance but that is growing hard since Rachel is an attractive woman and someone else has taken notice. Can he finally have what he always wanted with the one woman he loves or will he miss out a second time?


It Happened in Scotland started a little on the slow side and wasn’t giving me the answers I was seeking right away but they did eventually come much later on which I was grateful for. I loved how at first Brodie wants nothing to do with Rachel and even gets to the point where he doesn’t want to be in the same house as her. Brodie came off a little grouchy at times but I really loved watching him take to Hannah like he did. One of the cutest parts is when he had a tea party with her and I just couldn’t get over how sweet he was. Right away I could tell that he still loved Rachel but of course he didn’t want to go there again and I couldn’t blame him, I mean he had to watch the woman he loved marry his cousin. Yikes!


Rachel was easy to like; she was warm and friendly but had this vulnerability about her that just drew me in. The whole time I was rooting for her and Brodie to make some kind of headway but it felt like it took forever. The romance was a little on the slower side than I usually like but I did enjoy the buildup of getting there. Also during It Happened in Scotland there are some side stories going on but I did like that Ms. Griffin kept the focus on Brodie and Rachel throughout the book. I did find the side stories just added to the development of the characters and all were in the theme of second chances which was great.


It Happened in Scotland was a lovely read that shows second chances are worth the wait. I haven’t read the previous books in the Kilts and Quilts series but I thought this was a great introduction into this world that Ms. Griffin created and I really loved the descriptions that hopefully soon I will be able to start from the very beginning in hopes to learn more about this wonderful town and these amazing characters.

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