HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY by Michael RupuredHappy Independence Day by Michael Rupured
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Reviewed by Lisa

America is bursting with activism in 1969.  From the horrors of the Vietnam War to the political hot potato known as the gay rights movement the country is alive with protesting citizens.


Columbia University pre-law student Terrence Bottom reverently believes in fighting for people’s rights, particularly the rights of gays like himself.  The country is alive with changing attitudes and Terrence is at the forefront of a new dawn.


Leaving tiny Paris, Kentucky was the easy part, becoming a star on Broadway however proved to be impossible for Cameron McKenzie.  With nowhere to turn for help Cameron started hustling to make ends meet.  Unfortunately what should have been a quick fix became a trap with Cameron firmly caught in the Mafia’s tentacles.


From opposite ends both young men began with so much promise.  The student fights for equality and the other battles against the control of a Mafia enforcer.  Their first innocent introduction at the Stonewall Inn would blossom into much more. But neither imagined the night of the Stonewall Riots or how much their lives would irrevocably change from that momentous act.


An intense character study set within a volatile moment in U.S. history explodes in Happy Independence Day where lives are forever altered.  From different beginnings Terrence and Cameron’s choices and decisions play out.  One thing they both share is a core of decency which makes Cameron’s life with the Mafia even more difficult.  There is a very large cast of strong secondary characters who matter to the plot so it’s imperative to keep track of their relationships.  Dive into Happy Independence Day and enjoy, but remember to keep up.

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