HARD AS A ROCK by Christine Warren

HARD AS A ROCK by Christine WarrenHard as a Rock by Christine Warren
Series: Gargoyles #3
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by St. Martin's Press


Wynn Powe is a witch who comes from a really long line of Wardens, who are those humans who connect with the Guardians and work at keeping humans safe from the Order of Eternal Darkness.  Now almost all of the Wardens have either gone missing or have been killed.  Wynn had been worried about her brother, who is a Warden, for a while now, because he has also gone missing.  When she was asked by a couple of newly awakened Guardians and their Wardens to go to Chicago and see if she could find another sleeping Guardian and wake him up, Wynn easily agreed.


Knox is a new Guardian having taken that place of a Guardian who was destroyed by the Order.  While Knox might not have any experience on Earth, he does have all the memories of the Guardian he replaced.  When Knox is suddenly called forth by Wynn, neither of them knows exactly how she called him to her since the stone Gargoyle that should have been there had been destroyed. Knox isn’t sure about what is going on around him, but he quickly learns that things are not good and that everything the previous Guardians had worked for was about to be destroyed by the Order.


Knox and Wynn team up to find out what is being planned at Chicago and to stop at least this cell in Chicago.  As they piece things together, it becomes pretty clear that what the Order has planned is huge and, as the time comes closer to the showdown, Knox and Wynn call in the other Guardians and Wardens to help.  On the night of the showdown, things are going as planned until Wynn discovers just how personal this takedown is going to get.  Now, Wynn is struggling to do what she knows needs to be done and to ignore what her heart is telling her.  A split second decision will either win the night for the Guardians and their Wardens, or it will give the Order their first big win in their plan to bring eternal darkness to this world.


A newly-minted Guardian and a woman who dreams of becoming a Warden team up to defeat a true evil and discover love along the way.  Knox and Wynn get everything they want and more in Hard as a Rock.  Wynn had been told ‘no’ so many times that I was happy to see that she was given the chance to fulfill her family destiny.  Knox came to life with a chip on his shoulder, however, I loved that it didn’t take Wynn long to show him that it needed to go.  Seeing how they went from a testy partnership to a loving couple went hand in hand with the suspense and danger of their mission.  I also loved Wynn’s kooky uncle and how he stepped in to help when needed.  Hard as a Rock takes the suspense of a dangerous situation and teams it up with the discovery of love and throws in just enough lightheartedness to keep things flowing to a heartbreaking and loving ending.

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