HARD TO BREAK by Bella Jewel

HARD TO BREAK by Bella JewelHard to Break by Bella Jewel
Series: Alpha's Heart #2
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic
Reviewed by:Author
Published by St. Martin's Press



Quinn Peterson lives and breathes Pixie Wheels, her father’s automotive shop.  Since her mother’s death, her father has become an alcoholic leaving Quinn to run the garage.  Unfortunately, it is in major debt and a hot shot race car builder has set his sight on buying the shop.  Quinn would rather die than sell it; however, her drunken father has other ideas.


Tazen Watts is a well-known custom race car builder who acquires financially troubled local garages around the country to accommodate his clienteles’ demands.  His latest conquest is the Pixie Wheels garage.  Instead of the usually smooth transition, Tazen is experiencing uncountable physical and emotional difficulty with the pervious owner’s daughter, Quinn.


Will Quinn and Tazen be able to resolve their differences before they destroy each other?


I am on the fence concerning Hard to Break.  Whereas, the plotline is intriguing and the overall writing style is excellent; I struggled bonding with Quinn and Tazen.  For a huge portion of the book, I could not stand either one of them.  Even though from the history aspect, I understand Quinn’s attachment to the garage; however, she comes over as a spoiled brat who whines all the time.  Likewise, Tazen’s general attitude towards a woman’s workplace really worked my nerves.  Bottom line he is an inconsiderate jerk with no regards to Quinn’s feelings.  Nevertheless, in the end Tazen makes it all up to Quinn in a big way that somewhat softened my heart towards him.  Overall, Hard to Break is a passable read.  With that said, I still look forward to future reads from Bella Jewel.


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