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HARRY’S SACRIFICE by Bianca D’ArcHarry's Sacrifice by Bianca D'Arc
Series: Resonance Mates #5
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by Jo

Harry has always known that he was one of a kind, a human and alien hybrid, and that when the time was right he would be instrumental in the events that would change the world once again.  When the alien’s destroyed Earth as it was known, to make it better for them, the humans were the last of their concerns.  That hasn’t changed a whole lot in the years since but it’s finally the right time and the aliens better be ready.


Harry has been sent to a dig where something amazing has been located and Roshin, a scribe, has been sent with him to record the events.  They are met by Cormac, the Alvian officer who is leading the expedition that located the ship.  Harry has a clue on what they will find in the ship, but Roshin and Cormac are very surprised when the truth behind the ship and what it really means.  All three are unable to leave the ship for the time being and their tight quarters help the Alvian’s to learn just what emotions are and passion explodes between the three of them.  But Harry isn’t sure he trusts these feelings because he never wanted to have alien mates but fate seems to have other things in mind for him.


Roshin and Cormac seem to be handling the feelings between the three of them better than Harry.  Yet Roshin isn’t about to lose either of her men and is willing to give Harry the time he needs.  The problem is that many, many issues are complicating things – like the humans demanding the rights and freedom that was taken away from them and an important part of the ancient past that also wants the humans and the Alvian’s to live peacefully together.  Not everyone is happy with the revolution that is happening and Harry knows that things could blow in a heartbeat.  Harry, Roshin and Cormac are being pulled in lots of directions at the same time they are trying to find the way to become a loving triad.  Can Roshin find the words and emotions to show Harry that she and Cormac are exactly what Harry needs and together they can conquer anything?


Fate doesn’t always let you know just what it has in store for you, especially when the ultimate goal is love.  Harry, Roshin and Cormac learn this lesson and many others in Harry’s Sacrifice.  As I watched Harry learn how to love his Alvian’s and Roshin and Cormac learn what emotions are and how to work with them, I was captivated by their story.  So many times I could see one of the men maybe walking away and their triad never becoming what it needed to be.  I also loved watching the peaceful revolution happen when the most likely outcome would have been war.  Events were happening so fast that there were times I had to back track just a bit to make sure I hadn’t lost something.  The entire plot had me, but especially Harry, Roshin and Cormac finding and keeping a love that will resonate for years to come.  Harry’s Sacrifice is full of emotions and passion with just the necessary touch suspense to keep things interesting and not predictable.

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