THE HATED FINN by Charlie Richards

THE HATED FINN by Charlie RichardsThe Hated Finn by Charlie Richards
Series: Werewolves of Stone Ridge #39
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

For the last couple of years Finn O’Riley has sent regular shipments to Crystal Lake Pharmaceuticals.  They are his biggest client and typically sent payment right away, but for some reason the check is late and he can’t get a hold of his contact.  Finn needs to know if there’s a problem and if he’s got to find new clients to buy his ostrich meat.


By choice he lives alone and works alone. His solitary life is the way Finn likes it though the days are long and he’s doing all the work without any help.  Traumatic events in the past make the decision to live by himself easy for the ostrich farmer.


Fully recovered from the damage he received while being tortured for information on his closest friend, vampire Viktor Minsky is chomping at the bit to get to work for his new coven in Stone Ridge.  Finally getting the okay Viktor is asked to track down clients of Crystal Lake Pharmaceuticals, the cover a group of scientists were using to run illegal experiments on kidnapped shifters.


Arriving at O’Riley’s Ostrich Farm Viktor is about to question the stranger when he scents the air.  He can’t believe that the man is actually a shifter and could be the one he’s always searched for.  Not entirely positive because a taste of blood is necessary, the vampire is almost certain that he’s found his beloved.  Then again, how could a shifter be working with the enemy?  With these thoughts running through Viktor’s head he’s stunned as Finn O’Riley tells him to leave, permanently.  Definitely not a good start.


The consistently entertaining Wolves of Stone Ridge series features a new love story in The Hated Finn.  A feisty shifter and a stoic vampire match wits in the 39th installment of the popular series.  This character driven tale brings forth patience and understanding as readers get to know Finn’s secrets and Viktor’s ghosts.  Easy pacing and a genuinely enjoyable storyline allow The Hated Finn to let this romance flow.

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