HEALED HEARTS by Logan Meredith

HEALED HEARTS by Logan Meredith
Healed Hearts
by Logan Meredith

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
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Three traumatic events occurred as Seth Ray grew up to make a huge impact on how he handled his relationships with men.  The phobias he avoids at all costs might seem a bit odd to others, but Seth believes his life runs smoothly if he follows his own rules.


There aren’t many places in the small town for the second grade teacher to discreetly enjoy an evening with the chance of a pickup.  Thank god for Charlie’s bar and for the sexy redhead Seth finds who’s interested in him.


Jude Murphy invested seven years of his life in Devin Walker before their relationship abruptly ended.  His lover left him for a younger, more malleable boy toy which hurt, but strangely it was the fact that Jude’s family was happy for the breakup that mattered more.


Usually not one for meaningless hookups a lonely Jude nevertheless invites a hot stranger home for a night of spectacular passion.  The next morning he’s wondering exactly what went wrong after Seth can’t get out the door and away fast enough even though they totally clicked in bed and out.


A student in Seth’s class brings the two together again when Jude’s niece Felicity becomes violently ill and needs their help.  As far as Jude is concerned he’s been given a second chance to figure Seth out and ask the teacher to give them another try.  Perhaps it is time to peel the superstitions away and give love the chance it deserves.


Healed Hearts warms the soul when two emotionally scarred men are brought together.  Their damaged hearts begin to heal in the charged drama.  Seth’s particular phobia’s may wear down the reader a bit, hang in there, Jude’s made of sterner stuff and gets his lover on the right track.  Pointing the character at therapy where positive results are the outcome brings another layer to their romance.  Interesting characters and a bold, inventive plotline happily evolves into Healed Hearts.

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