HEART OF A BAD BOY by Sugar Jamison

HEART OF A BAD BOY by Sugar JamisonHeart of a Bad Boy by Sugar Jamison
Series: Destiny #3
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Swerve



Heart of a Bad Boy is the third book in the Destiny series and I have to say this is the one I have been waiting for from the very beginning. Sugar Jamison was a new author to me when I started this series and if possible each book just got better and better and she put the King men on the map in the romance world. Of course each book in this series could be read as a standalone but the stories all end up taking place around the same time which really had me wanting to devour this series right away.


When they were younger in Destiny, Nevada the King boys were once considered trash. They were the sons of the town drunk and when their father finally left they went to live with their Aunt Lolly who raised them, while it wasn’t always easy she did her best to keep them out of trouble. Now years later they return to their hometown very successful men mainly for the purpose that their Aunt is in the hospital, but they have no idea that each of them are going to fall in love and have big choices to make while they are back.


When Levi King returns to Destiny his first stop is to see his childhood best friend, Shelly. She is the only one that ever kept in touch with gifts, letters, and phone calls and while they haven’t been face to face since Levi left town, other than his brothers and Lolly. she was the only constant thing in his life. Levi gets the shock of his life when he sees Shelly for the first time, for one he didn’t expect her to be such a knock out.


Shelly has always been Levi’s friend and in love with him for as long as she can remember, but she knows nothing will ever come from it, but the more time they spend together the more her feelings grow for Levi. It also helps that Levi has her trying new things and opening up, but in the end will Shelly be enough for Levi or will he leave her behind yet again?


I really loved Heart of a Bad Boy and thought this was the perfect title for this story. The characters had such a great friendship I wasn’t sure how their relationship would happen but it was done in such a slow manner that it was believable. I loved the reaction that Levi had when seeing Shelly for the first time, it was a typical male response yet he tried to hide it. At first Shelly came off a little on the prudish side but the more I read the more it was just lack of experience and I was glad Levi was the one to show her all things she was missing out on.

Heart of a Bad Boy
was cute, steamy and left me wanting more of the King Brothers. I am hoping this isn’t the last installment in the Destiny series because there were some secondary characters that caught my attention who deserve a HEA.

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