HEAT OF THE MOMENT by Lori Handeland

HEAT OF THE MOMENT by Lori HandelandHeat of the Moment by Lori Handeland
Series: Sisters of the Craft #2
Genres: Fantasy, Time Travel
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by St. Martin's Press


Becca Carstairs is doing exactly what she always knew she had to do—being a veterinarian.  Since she was a small child, Becca has always connected with animals, which her entire family also knew.  But what Becca has always hidden is the fact she can hear the animals’ voices, and they can tell her what is going on, which helps her heal them.  This is a secret that Becca never imagined revealing, until she was asked to investigate a vacant home in which a bunch of dead animals were found.  What Becca found was a lot more than animal cruelty.  She also found the only boy she ever loved and who had left her years ago.


Owen McAllister went into the military and became a K-9 handler.  After several successful years in a job he loved, Owen is home with his dog where they are both recovering from serious injuries they received in Afghanistan.  Owen expected to come home to a vacant house needing to be cleaned up, but he didn’t expect to find a bunch of dead animals used for who knows what and the girl he left ten years ago all grown up checking it out.


Becca was surprised to see Owen, even if it was his house, because she never expected to see him in Three Harbors again.  It was obvious that the dead animals had been used in some type of ritual.  It was very strange, but it could have been kids.  Or at least, that was the thought until Becca is targeted with violence.  Owen might have left Becca once, but he was home, and the feelings they had were as strong as ever.  Becca and Owen team-up to figure out what is going on and along the way, they learn the deep secret that Becca’s parents had been hiding from her.  Passion and danger would have been enough, but when you throw in deep past and more current secrets, things get really crazy for a while.  The truth is coming out at every angle now, and Owen knows that Becca’s very life could depend on his skills if they are going to have a chance at their re-blooming love.  When the dust clears, will Becca and Owen have overcome the threat to Becca, or will those deadly past secrets have won the day instead?


A young love torn apart is given a second chance when a military veteran and a veterinarian reunite in Heat of the Moment.  Becca never knew exactly why Owen left her and joined the military ten years ago, but it seems he is back now while recovering from bad wounds.  I found that their feelings had just been waiting for the chance to flair back up, and they did so pretty fast.  However, what really drove their romance along was the mystery of what killed those animals in Owen’s house.


Then the focus turned to Becca, along with several secrets concerning Becca’s past coming to light, which she didn’t know about until it was almost too late.  I loved seeing how Becca and Owen just matched up again almost as if they had never been apart.  I also enjoyed watching as they unraveled each clue, and then stood together as they uncovered truths and danger that went back far longer than either would have imagined and how those truths would affect their present lives together.  Heat of the Moment has equal parts of suspense and magic swirling around a couple who is given the chance to find the love that had been waiting for them.  It’s also a great story where the first two sisters discover each other. It also put another “X” in the loss column for the madman hunting the sisters.  I can’t wait to meet the third sister now.

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