HEAT WAVES by Susan Lyons

HEAT WAVES by Susan LyonsHeat Waves by Susan Lyons
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Penguin

Reviewed by Miranda

Get ready...things are going to get hot. Liz and Peter can't think of a sexier, more fun place to get married than the Greek Islands. And they're not the only ones looking for a steamy holiday, cruising into the sunset. Their friends, family, and even wedding planner and cruise director are on their own searches for some satisfaction on the waves...

“Rock the Boat”

Wedding Planner Gwen Austin has been single since the death of her husband a couple of years ago. She thinks it might finally be the time for her to have a little fun but it’s hard not to remember him as she arrives in Greece; it was their dream destination after all. This is her first destination wedding and she intends to make it unforgettable for the happy couple. Santos Michaelides definitely plans to make this voyage unforgettable for Gwen. Gwen turns him on like no other and distracts him from his true job. Santos has the power to destroy Gwen’s perfect planning. He is undercover on this trip investigating one of the guests for insurance fraud. Gwen and Santos spark flames aboard the Aphrodite. Can Santos find the criminal without wrecking Gwen’s perfect wedding plans?

“Rock the Boat” is a sexy story that revolves around more than just the hot couple. For Gwen this is about letting herself have fun again. She needs to realize that it is okay to move on with her life and share it with someone else. While Gwen and Santos both claim their fling is a no strings attached affair, it doesn’t take long for them to realize they may not be able to control their feelings. I liked this relationship. Santos is the perfect suave gentleman to show Gwen what she’s been missing in the bedroom. 

“Making Waves”

When Kendra Kirk and Flynn Kavanagh boarded the Aphrodite to attend a wedding, they were only looking for fun. How unfortunate for them to realize they are on this trip together. After all who wants to be stuck on a boat with the woman who prosecuted you for a crime you didn’t commit or the criminal who turns you on. Kendra was doing her job when she went after Flynn even though she thought the case was circumstantial. She hates how he makes the long forgotten places in her body come alive. Flynn can’t stand seeing the woman who ruined his life but he can’t seem to resist her either. What happens when opposing sides collide on a weeklong wedding cruise? The heat gets turned up…way up!

“Making Waves” is filled with steamy sexual tension. I loved Kendra and Flynn. Their situation seems so hopeless but the attraction between them will not be denied. Their story is filled with so much pain, anger and want. They have both been put in a horrible situation and watching them handle it is half the fun. When Kendra and Flynn finally stop denying their feelings, it’s explosive.

Heat Waves is a sizzling erotic feast. While the stories had their ups and downs for the most part I enjoyed them. I really like the way the stories were told. Both stories are on a consecutive timeline. As you read the second story it filled in missing pieces of the first. I liked this, however, sometimes I felt like things were gone over twice. I’m so happy the continuing story was all cinched up nicely at the end. I thought both couples were fantastic. I know this is an erotic story but I actually enjoyed the story behind these characters more than the actual sex. Susan Lyons brings the reader sweet stories with characters that are easy to relate to.

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