HENRI’S LITTLE ONE by A. C. KattHenri's Little One by A. C. Katt
Series: Werewolves of Manhattan #8
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by MLR Press

Eighth on the North American Council, Director of Security Henri Giraud is the one remaining council member without a mate.  Their gods have been more than generous thus far granting the honorable Alphas their omegas with special gifts.  Henri knows it’s just a matter of time before he finds his mate, but the werewolf can’t help pining for his beloved.


The Russian Council on the other hand is being controlled by a madman whose thirst for power grows more unstable by the day.  Alpha Fydor Chernof has managed to eject the one decent Alpha who could best him.  Worse, Chernof discovered the whereabouts of a young omega with incredible gifts. He has Vitas Kosloff under his control as he waits for the boy to come into his power.


So far Vitas has been able to refuse Chernof.  To punish the young omega for his stubbornness Vitas has been forced to lay in a hole, in the dirt and filth, in chains for months.  The omega has also been injected with a drug to prevent the change and heal from the constant beatings he’s forced to endure.


Weak and suffering from pneumonia Vitas is smuggled out of the country and sent to the North American Council members.  All agree that steps must be taken to neutralize the out of control Russian Alpha once and for all.  One look between Giraud and Vitas seals the two as mates.  Plans are quickly drawn to marry and mate the pair before Chernof can interfere.  Everything is falling into place. One misstep however can prove deadly.


The Werewolves of Manhattan mate the last of their Council in the intense eighth book of the series.  Henri’s Little One is a character driven, suspenseful tale certain to please fans of this series.  And though new readers can certainly understand this book they would be far better starting at the beginning.  Layered with great characterizations, a solid plotline, and a spirited romance Henri’s Little One gives the reader a satisfying story.  In turn sweet and passionate as well as dangerous when necessary, Henri’s Little One is a welcome addition to a great series.

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