HER WARRIORS by Bianca D’Arc

HER WARRIORS by Bianca D’Arc
Her Warriors
by Bianca D'Arc

Series: String of Fate #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Jacki is a member of one of the most prominent clans in the world.  While the majority of her clan members are lion shifters, Jacki is one of the very magical seal shifters.  When Jacki and her brother help the Nyx and her mate in that last battle, Jacki learns just what her new role is to be for the Mother of All—a new priestess.  Jacki is nervous, but more than ready to take on her new role, even if it means moving away from her clan. At least she can take her seriously ill brother and one of the warriors from her clan with her.


Beau is an orange tiger shifter who has drifted through life and spent time as a mercenary helping others with their battles.  Beau knows he has a anger problems, but he has never had a problem keeping that away from Jacki.  Beau pledged to Jacki’s clan after meeting her, because he knew just how special she could be to him if he was given the chance.  This seemed to be a fruitless pursuit until after the battle, when Jacki asked him to go with her to the Nyx’s new home.


Geir is the Master of the Nyx’s guard as well as an orange tiger.  Because of his loyalty to the Nyx and his position, Geir was also at the battle where the fight for the Nyx’s life was fought, along with that of her mate’s, and for all the Goddess’ people. Normally, Geir would have fought by the Nyx’s side, but that night he was driven to be with Jacki and to keep her safe.  Geir has been dealing with how that night went ever since. Now he has learned that not only is Jacki coming to train for her new role, but that he will be hosting Jacki, Beau, and her brother in his new home. Geir wants the time with Jacki, but wonders if he could get her to see him as more than the man who trains the Nyx’s royal guards.


Life gets interesting fast when Jacki discovers that she is the mate to both Geir and Beau right after they all come to reside in Geir’s home.  Jacki can’t see how the Goddess could want her to pick between two such strong men, and yet how can she accept them both?  Geir and Beau are not willing to accept losing Jacki to the other, and they try to settle it in the old fashioned way.  Once cooler heads point out that, of course, Jacki should have both mates to protect her as she steps into her new role as a priestess, Geir and Beau agree that Jacki could be both of their destined mates.  Once Geir, Beau, and Jacki start to accept that they could be a mated trio, things become hot fast between them.  While the three of them work on sorting out just what their life will be, they also discover that there are lingering deadly remains from that battle with the Nyx, which need to be fixed and fast.  All of the clans and Others are still in deadly danger from the Venifucus and their plans.  Geir, Jacki, and Beau and their strengths and love are part of the fix, proving they are a Goddess-blessed trio.


Take two dominate tiger shifters and one sexy and magical seal shifter and you have the makings for one strong trio of love.  Jacki, Geir and Beau come to that same conclusion in Her Warriors.  I really enjoyed watching Jacki, Geir, and Beau come to terms with their unusual mating and all the stages leading up to it.  I could see why they were all brought together, because it seemed that when something was a weakness to one, it was a strength in another.  I can truly say that nothing is going to stop this trio for long. With them coming together as they did, it also combined two of the strongest clans for what might be coming. I can only imagine just how over-the-top both Geir and Beau will be as Jacki moves forward in her new role. Her Warriors proves that different isn’t wrong and that mating is always right when true mates find one another, no matter who they are or the circumstances.

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