HIDDEN WINGS by Ana RaineHidden Wings by Ana Raine
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Caught within a seemingly hopeless position Kuro swan Prince Kanji has nowhere to turn.  They were once slaves of the Sidhee demons.  Freedom was dangled by the Dryma fairies, but they too proved false and the Kuro were betrayed in the worst possible way.  In the end they simply traded one master for another.  The Dryma took their magical wings and forced them to protect the groves of trees that house the souls of the fairies. His people’s lives are so difficult Kanji has no wish to continue his line and continue their slavery.


Finding out the Dryma and Sidhee intend to form an alliance by marrying the youngest princes from both royal houses to each other Kanji and his closest friends take action to break the negotiations. His plan works brilliantly which brings Kanji into contact with the youngest Dryma prince Tristan.  The swan prince instantly recognizes his enemy as his true mate.  Kanji can’t let the demons and the fairies unite.  They cannot be trusted.  Yet, Tristan doesn’t act anything like his people.  Then again he could be making excuses because the prince is his mate.  Still, he’s caught between a rock and a hard place.


An all encompassing love threatens an entire clan in Hidden Wings.  Kanji is watching his people suffer.  As a leader he’s caught between helping them or his mate.  It cannot be both.  This emotional, sometimes dark fantasy has a deep, abiding love, but as the publisher also warns – the ending is bittersweet. Compelling characters wade through a twisty plotline, but this is not a HEA story.

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