High-Heeled Wonder
by Avery Flynn

Series: Killer Style #1
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Publisher

Sylvie Bissette has grown up around the world of fashion and the fashionable and those who unfortunately only think they are fashionable.  With her fathers being two renowned fashion designers, of course Sylvie would be in that world.  To most outsiders, Sylvie’s world is all good, but what very few people know is that Sylvie is much stronger than she appears, and she has a strong side of snark.  She is also the person behind the blog, “High-Heeled Wonder”, which is full of the fashion do’s and don’ts and tell-alls about those who really shouldn’t have.  Now it appears that Sylvie also has a stalker who really has not been happy with her fashion sense.


Tony Falcon is the owner of his own security company, but not so long ago he was an investigator in Harbor City.  Tony might not know fashion, but when a lead on a murder investigation leads him to Sylvie, he is willing to do anything to have a reason to stay near her.  Being hired to track down her stalker and keep her safe is definitely a way for Tony to see beneath the glitter of the fashion world while finding out the truth of a murderer.


Sylvie might not believe she needs a body guard at first, but when she is almost run over, she accepts Tony and his new role as her boyfriend.  Tony and Sylvie begin to follow the clues to find her stalker, but soon discover that there is much more here than someone who didn’t like something that Sylvie wrote in her blog.  Tony and Sylvie are racing to keep one step ahead of the danger.  Not only are they surrounded by the danger, but a passion which sprang up between them is raging hot. As the big picture is coming together, Tony and Sylvie learn just what is really behind the attacks on Sylvie, and they use all their knowledge and talents to bring down Sylvie’s stalker and so much more.


A fashion diva and a security expert come together to bring down a stalker, and they discover not only the black underbelly of the fashion world, but also a love that is worth more than the best pair of heels in High-Heeled Wonder.  Sylvie has worked hard to make her secret blog the thing to read for the fashionable and the fashion minded.  Tony might have moved on to a different place in his life, but he is determined to solve a murder investigation that is very personal to him.  When Tony and Sylvie came together, I certainly didn’t think they would be a couple to last.  That is, until I began to learn more about each of them and saw that they really were just what the other needed to be complete.  I really loved just about everything in this world: Tony and Sylvie’s sparks from the minute they met; Sylvie’s fathers were just too huggable for words; the mixture of suspense, humor, and passion; and most especially, the world in which Ms. Flynn created for them all.  High-Heeled Wonder is a refreshing joy to read with its blend of passion, suspense, and the perfect touches of humor.  I, for one, can’t wait to see the other books in this series.

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