HIS OMEGA by A. C. Katt

HIS OMEGA by A. C. Katt
His Omega
by A. C. Katt

Series: Wolves of Manhattan
Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Forced from his home and an inheritance once Sean Quinn tells his father he’s gay, the NYU college art student loses everything.  Starvation finally weakens Sean’s morals to the point where he agrees to become a rent boy with new friend Leroy.  Their plans go to hell however when a man Leroy calls ‘The Russian’ appears and Sean’s told to run and hide.  From the shadows the art student watches as his friend is gutted.


The killer finds his hiding place and injures him before Sean somehow manages to escape.  Running into the street he flags down a limousine of all things and comes face to face with Armand LeMarche, a businessman who controls the largest privately owned corporation in the U.S.  Of course, Sean has no idea just how important this man will be to him.  He doesn’t know that Armand is also the head Alpha of the North American werewolf council.  Sean certainly doesn’t know that he is Armand’s longed for mate finally found or that he has unknown gifts within him that will soon be set free.


Apparently Sean is much more than simply a poor art student, he may be the savior of the entire werewolf race. But before he can truly take his place at Armand’s side they must find the killer who has Sean firmly in his sights.  After all, a live witness isn’t a good thing to a murderer…


A sweetheart and a suave charmer meet and the sparks fly.  The delightfully entertaining His Omega hits all the right buttons to make Sean and Armand’s romance total enjoyment.  The main characters are hit with everything imaginable – a bigot, a killer, a kidnapper, a destiny, and still manage to enjoy a whirlwind love story.  So romance, drama, and suspense all wrapped up lovingly in His Omega.  The only complaint is that spell check or grammar mix-ups wasn’t used, at all.

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