HIS WITCH TO KEEP by Zoe Forward

HIS WITCH TO KEEP by Zoe Forward
His Witch to Keep
by Zoe Forward

Series: Keepers of the Veil #2
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Serenity Danssaert has led a dangerous life as an agent with the MI6 and as one of the seven Pheiades witches, yet she never really worried about her safety because of her skills and powers.  Now, however, Serenity knows she might not be alive at the end of this last journey.  Someone has kidnapped her sister, and they are sending Serenity on suicide missions with the carrot of getting her sister back as she completes them.  Serenity has been keeping this to herself, but at this last mission, she has once again met up with a man that could either kill her or love her to death—Shadow.


Alexi Jovec is a freelance assassin and a damn good one, but he is also a death bringer as a right hand man of Hades.  When Hades marks a person, Alexi has no choice but to deliver their soul to Hades.  He is also a man who loves a woman who in so many ways can never be his.  And yet, Alexi can’t help his feelings or the passion that has him following Serenity and using all his skills to protect her and keep her safe.  Lately, that hasn’t been all that easy, and Alexi wants to know what is going on and why.  Now.


Serenity is afraid to trust Alexi and afraid to trust the Druid guardians who are supposed to protect her, because someone has betrayed her.  When Alexi forces Serenity to tell him the truth, it becomes clear who she is going to turn to in order to find her sister and have everyone get out safe.  Alexi is beyond mad that anyone is playing with Serenity’s life.  He is a man on a mission—one that turns into a double mission when Hades suddenly gives Alexi his next mark, which could tear him and Serenity apart forever. Even more shock and betrayal will mark Serenity and Alexi as they follow the clues to who has her sister and they go in for the final showdown.  Time is running out.  The question is, just who is it running out for?


When two people whose heritage put them in the service of the gods fall in love, it’s a toss-up at first on which god will win the day, or will love ultimately win?  Serenity and Alexi will discover the answer in His Witch to Keep.  I could tell right away that Serenity and Alexi had a past and as their romance and adventure rolled out, it became clear to me that this was a passion that was worth fighting for.  I loved how both Alexi and Serenity broke the rules in order to be with the other.  I enjoyed watching as they matched their skills to discover just who had threatened Serenity’s life and that of her sisters.  While in one way the outcome is hurtful, in another, it’s a great love story.  His Witch to Keep is jam-packed with adventure, suspense, passion, friendship, and best of all, lasting love.

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