HITCHED by Erin Nicholas

HITCHED by Erin Nicholas
by Erin Nicholas

Series: Promise Harbor Wedding #4
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Contemporary
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Allie would rather be anywhere else on the planet than at her own wedding.  But she’s sure marriage to longtime family friend Josh will be the key to making both of their families happy.  So, sick and miserable at the altar, Allie gets the shock of a lifetime when the man she loves – not her groom – literally sweeps her off her feet and out the door.


Gavin has loved Allie for years and when she drunkenly calls him before her wedding, he knows she’s unhappy.  Gavin let Allie go once, but he’s not about to stand by and watch her marry someone else.  What can a man in love do, but steal the bride from a wedding and take her thousands of miles away from her life?


For Allie, a trip to Alaska with Gavin feels like a break from reality, but she knows she has to return to Promise Harbor and her family soon.  Still, she can’t resist the freedom living with Gavin offers, and she’s determined to enjoy it while she can.  But will Gavin be able to convince her that – despite all their differences, the weight of the past, and the pressures of the future – he’s the only man she should be marrying?


Even true love needs a helping hand in Hitched.  The Promise Harbor Wedding series comes to a satisfying end when the runaway bride is swept off to a beautiful, small town that’ll make you want to fly to Alaska.


Of all the books in the Promise Harbor Wedding series, this is the only one I was wary of reading.  I liked Josh so much, I wasn’t sure how author Erin Nicholas would make me like the woman who ditched him at the altar.  Fortunately, Ms. Nicholas was more than up to the task of making Allie a likeable heroine.  Allie wants to do the right thing, wants to make her family happy, but she’s been doing so at the expense of herself.  Her tumultuous relationship with Gavin was something she always kept separate from the rest of her life, and she even sacrificed that to try and do what she thought would please others.  Running off with Gavin is the first thing she does for herself, and it’s a good thing (and not only because we know that Josh found his true love in Jilted).  In Alaska, Allie not only reconnects with Gavin, she finds her inner strength and comes into her own.  Though at times she almost hits martyr territory, it’s part of the journey.  Watching Allie grow as a character was quite possibly my favorite thing about Hitched.


Gavin and Allie’s romance is filled with ups and downs as Gavin pushes Allie to choose a life with him when she’s not ready to change her life so dramatically.  Gavin is pushy, but he’s not selfish.  He can see that Allie is better away from her family and the responsibility that’s literally making her sick.  All in all, Gavin is a pretty fantastic hero and I was cheering for him every step of the way.  Love has never been a problem for Gavin and Allie, but it takes both of them finally opening up their minds to each other’s points of view that gives them what they need.  That, and a little help from secondary characters, makes Hitched a satisfying story.


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