HAVE AND HOLD by Willa Okati

HAVE AND HOLD by Willa OkatiHave and Hold by Willa Okati
Series: Omega Wolves #6
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Changeling Press

The Fisherman’s Friend belongs to Scott at last, lock stock and barrels of ale.  Buying the bar has taken every penny the Alpha could scrape together, but it’s worth it as far as Scott’s concerned.  It’s time to be a responsible Alpha and owning the Fisherman’s Friend is the ticket to his future.  The bar may be a little run down and a lot dirty, however it’s nothing Scott can’t deal with.


Growing up Maccabe witnessed his omega father being used as a punching bag by the Alpha who controlled him.  By the time his sire died, a quivering, frail shadow of an omega Maccabe vowed to never, ever be trapped into a relationship with anyone, especially an Alpha.


His plan worked for many fun filled years.  Unfortunately a party about six months ago over took Maccabe’s usual good senses.  He didn’t realize he was going into heat when he connected with the sexy Alpha at the party.


It’s taken a while for Maccabe to track down his one night stand.  Coming face to face with Scott it’s apparent the Alpha doesn’t remember him at all.  Scott certainly hadn’t planned to get the cute little omega pregnant.  That’s the last thing he needs right now.  All Maccabe needs are the funds to get south and give the cub up for adoption.  No strings, no complications, that’s the plan.  Fate has vastly different plans for the Alpha and his omega.


Have and Hold is an absolutely delightful love story.  Scott and Maccabe obviously belong together.  They simply don’t realize it – yet.  Watching them figure it out and come to the right conclusion is at the heart of Have and Hold.  Savor the ride as the Alpha and his omega fall in love.

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