HOME by Bailey Bradford

HOME by Bailey BradfordHome by Bailey Bradford
Series: Spotless #3
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

Half jaguar, half snow leopard shifter Solomon suffered unbearable tortures at the hands of his own father for years.  Protecting his younger siblings from their father gave Solomon a reason to live.  After his father’s death they were all taken in by a flourishing wolf pack and slowly began to heal and thrive.


Solomon has taken care of his siblings for so many years that he’s having a hard time these days letting go.  The children are growing up and it’s time to let them spread their proverbial wings, but it’s easier said than done.


Working up a sweat and thinking about the changes in his life Solomon suddenly realizes he’s not alone.  Someone is watching him from the nearby woods.  Investigating on his own proves foolhardy when he’s darted and carried off.


What his kidnappers don’t know is that years of being drugged and brutalized make Solomon stronger than the darts.  When he sees an opening to attack he takes it.  His only concern is hurting the lone male in the group.  An enemy perhaps.  Solomon’s mate, definitely.


It would seem Solomon’s struggles are far from over in Home, the third book in the Spotless series.  His difficulties at Home become inconsequential after the half breed shifter discovers what his mate Azil has suffered.  Tensions simmer when Solomon is missed and build to an inferno in the climax at Home.  Each story in the series is better than the last and works well as a standalone tale.  Solomon’s story is the best yet.

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