HONEYMOON THEIR WAY by Morticia Knight

HONEYMOON THEIR WAY by Morticia KnightHoneymoon Their Way by Morticia Knight
Series: States of Love
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

It’s official.  The pre-wedding week at Lake Tahoe is going to be the death of Chad.  Somehow his loving sister Lindsey has turned into a crazed bridezilla.  She’s the one who insisted on this family get together.  The final blow to Chad’s peace of mind is learning that Lindsey’s long time friend Raudel Cruz is able to make the wedding and the Lake Tahoe madness.  The same Raudel who Chad secretly lusted after all through high school and one night saw Chad do something he can never, ever live down.


Ironically, as much as Chad was embarrassed to see Raudel again the opposite is true for Lindsey’s BFF.  He’s thrilled to see Chad, all grown up, no longer a boy forbidden to him.


As the get together devolves into a daily nightmare the one consolation is putting the past to rest, allowing Chad and Raudel the time to discover what the future could hold.  If they survive till the wedding ceremony it’s going to be a miracle.  Getting Lindsey to the alter is the insurmountable goal.  Finding love is a wonderful bonus.


Hilarious pre-wedding jitters, a scary bridezilla, and so much more are rolled into the wild tale Honeymoon Their Way.  Readers are given a bird’s eye view to all the chaos.  The storyline merrily bumps along, balancing the zany family actions with a newfound love.   Chad tries to keep everything moving forward.  Meanwhile Raudel shows them the patience of a saint.  Honeymoon Their Way is crazy fun.

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