HOT DREAMS by Rachelle Chase

HOT DREAMS by Rachelle Chase
Hot Dreams
by Rachelle Chase

Series: Hot Dreams #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…


Tina Edwards was born with a birthmark that covers half of her face and because of this she does not trust easily for fear that she would be evaluated by her appearance.  The one and only time she let her guard down resulted in an unplanned pregnancy and her falling prey to a cruel joke.  Now, all Tina lives for is taking care of her beloved nine year-old daughter and managing her plant business.  Then, she meets Johnny Guerra.


Johnny Guerra owns Hot Dreams, a male dance company. Since he lost his wife and unborn child thirteen years ago, Johnny has been living his life as half of a man.  That is until he becomes instantly taken with Tina’s confident and genuineness as a real woman.  To him, Tina is so unlike the superficial women that he meets at Hot Dreams.


Both are self-tortured with secrets from the past.  Can Tina and Johnny overcome the hurtfulness stemmed from so long ago in order to have a bright future together as a couple?  Or, has hope gone astray?


Hot Dreams is a heartfelt story that will speak to you about one’s emotional insecurities.  From the start, Johnny wins me over because he is able to look past Tina’s physical imperfection and fall in love with her as a person.  Not only does he show her with words; but, he also conveys his desires with constant physical affection.  The wall that Tina had built around her heart could not help but come tumbling down.  The chemistry showcased between Tina and Johnny is electrifying and their sexual interactions are smoking hot.  On countless occasions, I was fanning my face with heated desire.  All in all, Hot Dreams is a good read that lives up to its name.

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