HOT FOR TEACHER by Roslyn Hardy-Holcomb

HOT FOR TEACHER by Roslyn Hardy-Holcomb
Hot For Teacher
by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Interracial
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Reviewed by Nikita Steele

As an ambitious business owner, the last thing Caja Montgomery has time for is a relationship.  She is more of a sex ‘em and leave ‘em type of woman.  One would think this is the perfect type of woman that any man would want, right?  Wrong!  It seems that every man that Caja invites into her bed wants a commitment from her.  So, Caja easily drops him like a hot potato and moves on to another lover.  That is until she meets Michael Fauatea.

Michael Fauatea has finally met the woman of his dreams and her name is Caja Montgomery.  Sparks instantly ignite between them so much so that they were intimate within hours of meeting each other.  All is well until Michael and Caja realize that they are not on the same page concerning their relationship.  Whereas, Michael believes they are in a committed relationship; Caja wants nothing more than a sex buddy.  Conflict erupts.  Michael is determined to prove to Caja that they belong together forevermore; while, Caja is equally determined to keep things strictly casual between them.  Who will come out on the winning end or is all hope lost for the both of them?

Hot for Teacher is an intriguing play on sexual role reversal where the heroine is reluctant to commitment.  So much so, that Caja is borderline loathsome and unbearable; however, when I discover the reasoning behind her actions, she becomes likeable.  There were times where I wondered why Michael wants be with her; nevertheless, Caja won me over when past circumstances are revealed.  Michael is like a quiet storm – calm, compassionate, and powerful when need to be.  While, he is not a casual sex kind of guy, he is willing to put up with Caja’s peculiar ways.  Without her realizing what is happening, Michael slowly; but, surely romances Caja off her feet.  Their sexual encounters are plentiful and very passionate in nature.  All in all, Hot for Teacher is an enjoyable read.

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