HOT AS HELL by Monette Michaels

HOT AS HELL by Monette MichaelsHot as Hell by Monette Michaels
Series: SSI #4.5
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
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Published by Self Published


Dawn Wilson just left Interpol and joined the SSI crew as a female operative.  Dawn was more than ready to go into her first mission, especially since it was targeting a U.S. traitor who had attempted to kill several members of SSI, especially the woman, and who had also targeted Interpol.  What she wasn’t expecting was her first partner would be the sexy and pain-in-the-ass she met on her last mission in which SSI was involved.


Sam Crocker was an undercover CIA agent who as part of his cover worked as a mercenary.  A couple of his jobs put him in a position where he had to act like he was going to harm two of the women who loved some of the top men at SSI.  Sam wants to come in from the cold, and SSI is one of the only firms he would want to work for so that he no longer has to wipe the slime off daily just to complete his mission.  However, he knows that first off, he will have to face-off with his new boss and at least one other of his men.  And then he finds out that his new partner for the first mission is the lovely Dawn.


Sam and Dawn and one other operative are determined to bring down Sergio Manuel Lazaro, aka Syd MacLean, a top U.S. traitor who would love nothing more than to kill anyone attached to SSI.  They travel to a hotel to not only positively identify that Lazaro is MacLean, but to also get him in a place where he can be captured and returned to the U.S.  Dawn is going in as most of the world knows her, Lady Dawn Wilson, the daughter of an Earl.  Sam is a bit shaken by Dawn’s true identify, but the sparks between them and flare even higher as they close-in on not only one, but two nasty characters.  Of course, it wouldn’t be an SSI Op if something didn’t go wrong at just the wrong point, which happens to Dawn and Sam.  Only quick thinking, their passion, and trust in each other’s abilities will let the good guys win the day when the dust clears.


Two of the newest SSI employees are sent in to capture Enemy Number One as far as SSI is concerned.  Of course, it helps that he is also a wanted U.S. traitor.  Hot as Hell brings Sam and Dawn back together, only this time they are working on the same team and with the same mission plan.  A luxury hotel in a glamorous place is the setting for some hot passion and an even hotter take down.  I had to smile as Sam tried to get over his sense of Dawn being out of his orbit and arms, that is, until Dawn showed him that no matter who her parents are, she is still a woman who is just waiting for the love of the right man.  The suspense and danger was thick as Dawn, Sam and the backup circled in to take down an SSI nightmare, and an old threat of Dawn’s, to round things up.  I really loved the final showdown where both Dawn and Sam proved they are the perfect partners, both professionally and in love.  Hot as Hell is part tingly suspense and part hot passion with just the right touches of humor which provides a great few hours of reading.  If you love the SSI books, then you will not want to miss seeing Sam and Dawn find their happy ever after—especially if you remember their last cameos.

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