HOT PURSUIT by Jo DavisHot Pursuit by Jo Davis
Series: Sugarland Blue #2
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Signet Eclipse

Reviewed by Jo

In Sugarland, Detective Taylor Kayne is always ready with quick wit and a quicker smile. But he’s about to meet a woman who will make him want to take his sweet time.... Taylor is a laid-back, smart-aleck kind of lawman. He’s also a man’s man, as well as every woman’s private fantasy. But years ago, he was part of a botched hostage situation that ended with him being hailed as a tough-as-nails hero—even though the pain, fear, and shame from that terrible day still haunt his every moment. Cara Evans couldn’t care less about Taylor’s pain. In the moment he became a so-called hero, she lost someone she dearly loved. Yet neither of them is prepared for the instant, undeniable attraction that flares between them—or the danger that’s soon hot on their heels.

Cara Evens plays in a rock band and travels around playing the music she loves at various clubs and bars.  Cara is one of the lucky ones, the band is actually her band and she is wealthy enough that she can afford to do what she wants and enjoys and be able to pay her band mates.  Cara has come to Sugarland to play some gigs but she is on a mission to track down one man and find out the truth about a night that changed her life forever.  The man is a cop and the event was a domestic situation that killed her beloved sister.  Cara has the man in her sights and now is the time to act.


Taylor Kayne is a Detective with the Sugarland police force but not long ago he was with the Los Angeles police force.  But during one hostage situation when everything went disastrous when instead of getting the hostages out alive, it became a blood bath, changed all that.  Taylor might have been called a hero, but his nightmares and guilt were so heavy he couldn’t stay in Los Angeles.  So he took up a friends offer and transferred to the Sugarland police force.  A fresh start is just what Taylor needs if only his internal pain and guilt will allow him one.


Cara has no problems finding Taylor and follows him some to get an idea of his habits and how he lives his life.  What she finds just doesn’t seem to equal what Cara was told about how Taylor was a cop who would play fast and loose with lives.  When Cara and Taylor finally meet up face to face the passion shocks both of them.  When a murder hits really close to home, both Taylor and Cara are shaken but for very different reasons.  The truth that both Taylor and Cara have been keeping inside of themselves comes out and it’s touch and go whether the budding love they have found will be able to overcome those secrets.  However, it becomes very apparent that the mastermind behind both their deepest sorrows has not counted on just how hard Cara and Taylor will fight for what they have found.   Everything comes to a head and a trap is laid out to catch the man who tried to ruin both their lives.  The question is will experience and love win the day or will murder once again rule the day?


One horrible event changed two lives forever but can the love they found together be enough to help them solve the mystery on what really happened and get their happy ever after? Cara and Taylor learn all about betrayal and passion in Hot Pursuit.  I have to admit that I struggled in the first part of the book on being able to get behind Cara and Taylor but once they met in person the book just came alive for me.  I could understand where both Cara and Taylor were coming from and how that one horrible day brought them to Sugarland and the answers they both needed.  Their passion quickly changed to love and I loved that even with everything that was happening with them, they still made sure that a young mutual friend had a chance to connect with family and get off the streets.  Another thing I really liked was that both Taylor and Cara seriously fought for each other and their love when things were really dicey and survival wasn’t an automatic certainly.  Hot Pursuit is full of suspense and passion with just enough day to day situations that had you thinking all the characters could be someone you would see on any street.

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