HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF by Christine Warren

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF by Christine WarrenHungry Like a Wolf by Christine Warren
Series: The Others #15
Published by Macmillan, St. Martin's Press on 2013-07-02
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal
Reviewed by Miranda

New York Times bestselling author Christine Warren revisits the wild, wild world of The Others—where what you crave can kill you…When her father died, Honor Tate inherited the alpha position for a pack of werewolves based in New England. But why her? Honor would have rather just lived a “normal” life, with the occasional run through the woods in her furry suit. Still, Honor was raised to put the welfare of the pack first…and now it’s time to make a formal request that the alpha of the Silverback clan—the pack to which all locals owe fealty—recognize her as alpha of the White Paw. But instead of sending his support, the Silverbacks send Logan Hunter.HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF Logan Hunter would do anything to protect the Silverbacks—but his devotion comes with a price. For years he has been fighting his alpha instincts and the need for his own pack. But all that changes when Logan is sent on a mission to find out whether the new White Paw alpha really has what it takes to carry on her father’s legacy. Powerful, spirited, and downright gorgeous Honor exceeds his expectations…and leaves him howling for more. Could it be that he’s finally found his alpha mate? Or will old enemies, dueling loyalties, and an appetite for destruction stop him dead in his tracks?“Warren packs in lots of action and sexy sizzle.”—Romantic Times BOOKreviews

Werewolf Logan Hunter is miserable.  He wants a mate and believes his chances are lost when his best friend and alpha mates with the woman of Logan’s dreams.  However, fate is about to throw him a fastball.


Honor Tate was beta of her pack until the Alpha, her father, died. Now, she is holding onto control of the pack as best as she can.  She is being challenged by all the men that believe they would be better Alphas than Honor so she seeks acknowledgement from the Alpha of the territory, Graham Winters. Graham sends his best man Logan to decide if Honor is fit to lead.


Logan and Honor immediately take out their rage on each other. Logan senses Honor is his mate but he’s going to have to do a lot to convince her of that.  Will they find love or will the next challenge cost Honor her life?


Christine Warren gives her readers another thrilling look inside the world of her Others in Hungry Like A Wolf!  Logan is a cocky male Were with a huge chip on his shoulders at the beginning of the book.  Honor is the perfect mate for him because she gives back as good as she gets! There is just the right amount of sexual chemistry, aggressive four-play and suspense in Hungry Like A Wolf!  Warren never disappoints; you can always count on a fun sexy read from her!

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