HUNT AND PRAY by Cindy Sutherland

HUNT AND PRAY by Cindy Sutherland
Hunt and Pray
by Cindy Sutherland

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, Gay
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

A two-timing boyfriend sends reporter Drew Edwards storming out of his apartment unaware that he’s being stalked until its too late.  Waking from a drugged sleep Drew discovers he’s been taken far from the city of Colorado Springs and into mountain wilderness.

As a reporter on the local beat Drew knows that several young gay men have recently been reported missing and it looks like he’s next.  Drew’s been snatched by an older retired military man, his flunky, and his son Chance Collins.  The so called ‘General’ expects Chance to hunt down and kill Drew thereby exterminating another unnatural deviant.

Chance is horrified with his father’s ultimatum.  He had no idea of what’s been going on though after years and years of verbal and physical abuse at the hands of his father he’s not too surprised.  His can only hope that Drew believes him that he wants to save them both by pretending to hunt him.  Getting down from the mountains won’t be easy but maybe together Drew and Chance will survive.

Between a deadly adventure and revelations of severe abuse lies Hunt and Prey, a suspenseful tale of high drama.  The thrills and chills never end while a burgeoning flame of respect turns to something more.  Drew has a fearlessness about him which is reflected by his sense of family and faith.  Chance is the strong, tough military man who is actually the broken one.  An intriguing story of survival, fascinating characters, and a stunning finale, Hunt and Prey doesn’t pull any punches.

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