HUNT by Bailey Bradford

HUNT by Bailey BradfordHunt by Bailey Bradford
Series: Spotless #2
Genres: Gay, Menage, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Totally Bound


Mixed leopard/puma shifter Steven had protected his younger brother his entire life, sometimes at the cost of severe punishments meant for Adal.  Their own shifter father Bashuan was the evil that controlled the half brothers.  On a mission for their sire Steven and Adal finally make the break.  Vowing to put an end to Bashuan once and for all Steven strikes out on his own to hunt down their father.  He leaves Adal and his mate Dorso in Denver to start their new lives together.


When it is discovered that Bashuan’s been slowly poisoning his sons Adal enlists the aid of a powerful wolf shifter shaman.  He sends two wolves, one his own son to find Steven and do what they can to help the leopard/puma heal and fulfill his vow.


First contact between Steven and the two wolves, Cole and Shaun goes badly.  The cat shifter doesn’t give them time to explain the situation and Cole is badly injured.  At the same time they are overwhelmed with the fact that the three are mates.  Never before have three shifters of any kind become mates.  Steven’s plans for his father must be carried out, yet at the same purging the poison must be dealt with and forging a triad bond is equally important.  What the fates were thinking when this triad was decided is anyone’s guess.


Hunt is a uniquely provocative, deadly cat and mouse, er wolf romance.  Damaged, not yet broken, Steven retained love through his feelings for his brother.  Cole and Shaun kept faith through hope.  Together the triad in Hunt triumphs.  A dangerous foe proves less trouble than the triads own emotional issues with each other.  A powerful tale with a romance featuring ruthless, distinct personalities.  Sensuous loving, delicious heat, and a justified Hunt.

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