HUNTER’S PREY by Moira Rogers

HUNTER’S PREY by Moira Rogers
Hunter's Prey
by Moira Rogers

Series: Bloodhounds #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Erotic, Paranormal, Western
Source: Author


Hunter was savagely turned into a bloodhound.  He barely survived his first full moon without going insane and now it’s time for the new moon to rise.  Bloodhounds are required to indulge in violence or sex during the new moon to keep them sane.  There is only one woman Hunter can think about having sex with but he is terrified of hurting her.


Ophelia is a retired prostitute.  She now keeps the bloodhound home running.  Ophelia feels a strong connection to Hunter but doesn’t think he feels the same.  When she offers herself to him for the new moon and he declines she is crushed.  He is clear that he cares for her but he is unwilling to indulge in anything more intimate.


The new moon rises and Hunter’s hound has other idea’s he wants Ophelia and no one else.  After their sexual fervor is over he remembers little while Ophelia cherishes the memories she holds.  Hunter is disturbed by his actions and attempts to distance himself from Ophelia but when danger comes to town Hunter must face his true feelings.  Will it be too late?


Hunter’s Prey is full of hot-blooded passion and high-stakes action.  Ophelia and Hunter turn up the heat way up during the new moon but it is their emotion that makes Hunter’s Prey an excellent story.  It is great that Hunter’s Prey features so much of the characters from the first Bloodhound book.  The reader learns many new things during Hunter’s Prey that expound this thrilling series.

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