ICE’S FIRE by Stephani Hecht

ICE’S FIRE by Stephani HechtIce's Fire by Stephani Hecht
Series: Little Monsters #3
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books


Abominable Snowman Ice is beginning to believe he’s being punished for some unknown reason after his fearless leader Bronson, a Spring-Heeled Jack, sends him to Ohio during the summer on a rescue mission.  It’s hot, sticky, humid, and really hot, which isn’t fun for an Abominable Snowman even if he’s in human form.  Somewhere among a bunch of clueless humans at the zoo a paranormal is in trouble and asking for help.


Never in his immortal life would Ice have imagined he’d be sent to retrieve his mate Dragon, a fire demon.  When they first met it had been blissful.  Even Ice’s twin brother Brute, a Big Foot had been happy for them.  Something changed however after Dragon paid a visit to his family in Hell.  Suddenly Dragon couldn’t break things off with Ice fast enough.


But that was more than a decade ago and now his mate is in deep trouble.  Bringing him home to the abandoned insane asylum where their motley paranormal family lives is Ice’s only option.  His broken heart never mended, Brute hates the fire demon who hurt Ice and apparently Dragon’s family wants him dead.  Perhaps bringing him home isn’t the best idea after all.


Ice’s Fire heats up the pages with intense emotional issues and spirited consequences.  Unique characters are given humorous, witty dialogue in the fast paced, smart romance.  In the third installment of the Little Monsters series a grumpy Ice has a second chance to rectify Dragon’s past mistakes.  Though the outcome is no surprise Ice’s Fire is nonetheless a charming, pleasurable love story.

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