ICY CONTROL by Elizabeth Lapthorne

ICY CONTROL by Elizabeth Lapthorne
Icy Control
by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Series: The Agency #8
Published by Totally Bound Genres: Suspense
Source: Publisher


Robert Stevens is an agent with the Agency and right now he and his partner, El, are working on a stolen painting case.  Rob has known Sally for the majority of his life and has always tried to protect her.  That includes from himself, his dangerous life, and the love he has had for her for most of his adult life.   However, now Rob has been convinced to contact Sally and see if she has any connections that could help them locate the painting.


Sally Langtry is an artist and while she might seem fragile, she has a backbone of steel when needed.  Sally always has time for Rob, and she looks forward to each time he shows up at her place. Even if most of the time it is with food to make her eat while she is wound-up in her art.  Sally is very happy to see Rob the day he appears at her door early on a work day, and she is amazed when he tells her what is going on and then asks for her help.  Sally never thought that Rob would ever show her that part of his life.


The day that Rob asks for Sally’s help is a turning day in their relationship in more ways than one.  It is the day they can no longer ignore the feelings between them and passion explodes before either realizes what is going to happen.  The painting is soon discovered and, upon examination, the mystery on why this particular painting was stolen starts to be revealed.  As Sally and Rob investigate these new clues, they face deadly danger while trying to figure out how to clear the painting from all other attempts to take it.  Rob is facing his worst nightmare as Sally has been threatened because of the danger of his work.  But Sally is there to show him that their friendship and love is stronger than anything that might threaten him.  The question is, can Rob come to terms with any future threat that Sally might face because of his work, or will he let it destroy their love just as it is beginning?


A savvy agent and a dreamer artist finally acknowledge their love amid the danger in Icy Control.  I found that the title totally described Rob and his attempts to keep Sally free of the danger that surrounds his life.  I really enjoyed watching as Sally tore down each of his ideas about what she could face and if she could handle his love.  I really wasn’t surprised when their passion totally exploded the first time that Rob asked for Sally’s help in a case.  I found that Rob and Sally were the perfect team in many ways as their story unraveled. I had to smile as the perfect way of keeping the painting safe in the future was put into place.  Rob and Sally have many, many loving years ahead of them with Rob making sure that Sally eats while in the middle of an artistic masterpiece—not all has changed now they have their love.  Icy Control takes love ignored and danger to a new place as love is found and control is lightened up in order to protect against future danger so love can be free to grow.

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