ILLICIT INTUITIONS by Nikki DuncanIllicit Intuitions by Nikki Duncan
Series: Sensory Ops #3
Genres: Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Samhain Publishing


Ava Malia is a new agent with the Specialized Crimes Unit and, while she isn’t comfortable with her new team quite yet, she knows it will come.  But Ava’s first priority is to complete her first case, which actually has ties to her prior professional life. It seems that everyone is hunting for a new technology that might not even be valid, and yet the creator has been murdered for it.  Following her best lead, Ava is now fighting an attraction to her person of interest in this case.


Dr. H escaped the hell that he and his sister were in for many years.  Now they are running a psychic center that will hopefully help protect and teach others with abilities and not allow them to be caught up and tortured like he and his sister were.  Dr. H can usually pick out , government agents as soon as they approach him and since the murder of a friend that he had been working on project with, many have approached him.  The thing bugging Dr. H right now is the woman who is auditing one of his psychic study groups; the instant attraction is almost more then he can deal with.


Ava went in to this case with a clear objective, but now those objectives are a bit blurry as she fights the attraction she feels for Dr. H. Because, how can you get close to someone when you met on a lie?  When the danger threatens both of them and then Ava is hurt, the case changes yet again as new, hidden abilities appear in Ava.  With these abilities, she will need Dr. H’s help with to survive and now that he knows she is more than an auditor, how can he trust her enough to help her?  Both Ava and Dr. H soon learn that they really can’t say no to fate, but can they overcome the trust issue and the lie that they first met under in order to let their passion have a chance at forever?


When a man and a woman, who both have hidden secrets, meet under false pretenses, can love have a chance?  Dr. H and Ava will have to discover that answer in Illicit Intuitions.  Wow! When you begin a suspense, you know that at least one of the main characters will have a secret, but in this case, I found that they both did, and it turned out that there was more than one.  I really loved watching as Ava and Dr. H struggled with their mutual attraction and to find a way to win against the danger that was threatening them.  There was at least once when I truly was not sure if they would come out at the end together.  The many twists and turns that I went through with Ava and Dr. H just added to both their romance and to the suspense of their story.  I will admit to reading this series out of order, and I was more than ready to discover just how Ava and Dr. H met, and it was worth backtracking to find their story. Illicit Intuitions is a combo of romance and suspense and, of course, a touch of psychic abilities that combine into a wonderful ending where the romance wins, of course.

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