ILLUSIONS by S. A. Ozment

ILLUSIONS by S. A. OzmentIllusions by S. A. Ozment
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Hard work and tenacity have brought Skylar Murphy to a starring role in a nighttime drama series called The Executives.  An equal opportunity lover he’s currently sleeping with older actress Kelly Bane who’s playing his mother on the show.  The label bisexual fits Skylar best though he certainly isn’t advertising his male encounters.  It may be much easier to be gay in Hollywood, but Skylar knows it would be the kiss of death to any leading man or action hero roles.


At a major party to celebrate The Executives’ success Skylar hits on a hot waiter who turns him down cold because he’s so drunk.  Waking up in his own bed the next morning he realizes he made a big mistake letting a woman from the party, a huge fan bring him home.  Not only does Skylar have a problem getting Emma to take a hint, but a rash of fires at the studio is slowing down production.


The last fire was a little too close for comfort, but at least Skylar meets the sexy waiter again whose day job is firefighting.  Pouring on the charm he finagles a first date with Aiden Moore, a lieutenant with Fire Station #1.  Their chemistry is undeniable and they begin dating.


Knowing that he’s up for a role in a major motion picture Skylar asks Aiden to keep their relationship under wraps, at least for now.  Secrets however have a way of coming out.  Just as the fires will continue until their target burns.


Illusions is much more than simply an entertaining, sensual look at movie making.  The multi-layered character study looks into the fears of pretense and reality.  On the surface Skylar is easy going and carefree, within he’s worried about the truth and expecting the worst where Aiden’s concerned.  He’s had reason to keep his heart locked away.  Tearing away the emotional pain in his past is a powerful moment in Illusions.  On the surface a lovely romance, beneath is the heart.

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