I’M GONNA LOVE YOU by Virna DePaul

I’M GONNA LOVE YOU by Virna DePaulI'm Gonna Love You by Virna DePaul
Series: Home to Green Valley #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
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Anna Kincaid has escaped a serious health issue and because she never knows when something might change that, she has decided to live life at full strength ahead.  So, she opened an eco-adventure company to give others the same thrills she is looking for.  Anna loves her job and company, but she also is still striving forward in accomplishing her personal bucket list.  One of those items brings her up close and very personal with one of the sexy O’Neill brothers from Ireland.


Brady O’Neill is the second oldest of the five brothers.  Brady is the only brother who has been married and lost it all.  He made the decision to move to California and help his oldest brother with a new restaurant as one of the co-owners.  Brady believes that he is ready to move on, but is he really ready to accept the chance at loving and losing yet again?  That question becomes front and center when he meets Anna in a way that brings his passions alive again.


Anna wants Brady and her to go at a rushing speed, while Brady wants to slow things down when he learns exactly what she wants.  Brady discovers that he buried an important part of his life when he married, and Anna is torn between jumping in with no holds barred and taking the time to get it all right.  Brady watched as reckless risks harmed his family’s restaurant in Ireland and, because of that, he points out things that might have the same risks in Anna’s business.  Anna continues to wonder about her push and pull relationship with Brady when the health threat from her past rears its ugly head again.  As Anna and Brady learn more about each other, secrets and misunderstands might just be able to tear them apart.  Both Anna and Brady discover just how important trust is when beginning a serious relationship as the secrets are revealed and the misunderstandings are resolved.  Anna and Brady are finally ready to go forward, hand in hand, towards their future filled with the passion for adventure and each other with their eyes open.  Their future is looking brighter than ever, and so is their love.


A woman racing toward the next adventure and a man trying to find a way to go forward again discover the true meaning of love and trust in I’m Gonna Love You.  I had to laugh at the way Anna and Brady met and was a bit surprised at the rush of that evening.  I enjoyed watching as Brady showed Anna that the best part of being together is discovering each other.  While I understood the reason behind Anna’s rush in life, I was worried that she might take one risk too many and felt sorry for her when the past came to call.  I loved how Brady not only found the strength he needed to move forward with Anna, but also to show Anna that life was just as good, if not better, when done at a normal pace.  Even with the misunderstandings that can happen during the beginning of a relationship, I quickly came to see that Anna and Brady had something that would not only last, but grow stronger as the years went on.  I’m Gonna Love You is a book about discovering love and taking the steps necessary to keep it strong and growing, even when life throws you a curve ball.  Yet another excellent book in this series.


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