Images Eternal
by Toni Decker

Series: The Shoalman Chronicles #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Source: Author

Mandy Hayworth, a well-known music photographer, wants to know why the newest lead singer of the Demon Dogs rock band refuses to be interviewed or take band photos.  One way or another, Mandy is determined to discover the reasoning behind his mystery regardless if she is attracted to him or not.


On one hand, Lucien Solvak is a guardian – a protector against the evil that is threating to release a massive, destructive curse on mankind.  On the flipside, Lucien has a passion for music, so much that he is the lead singer of a local band.


Lucien’s band needs the endorsement from Mandy Hayworth for their band’s big break in the music industry.  But then, Lucien discovers that her camera could expose his true identity.  Caught in a bind, Lucien must decide which is more significant – his music, a romantic relationship with Mandy, or his duty as a guardian because there is no way he can have all three.  Or, is there?


I have mixed feelings about Images Eternal.  I really like the chemistry between Mandy and Lucien.  It is explosively hot.  There are no doubts about the sexual tension between the two.  Both Mandy and Lucien are likable characters and their interactions keep the plot moving along.  What is bothersome to me are the other aspects of the storyline.  For instance, what is the history behind the demons, what does it mean to be a guardian, and what is the curse?  I wanted more details, but they did not come.  I am hoping that the next installment will give more insight.

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