IN DISCRETION by Reesa Herberth

IN DISCRETION by Reesa HerberthIn Discretion by Reesa Herberth
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Riptide Publishing


Years of successful contracts between clients and his job as a Discretionary’s Cohort leaves Thanson Nez stuck on the far side of the Empire.  In all the time he’s worked as a Discretionary he’s never before walked away from a client until he met with the Imperial Minister Lantony Rannah.  When the minister’s right hand man confronts Thanson after docking on Station 43 he knows he’s in deep trouble.


Attempting to get a warning out to his guild Thanson meets with the station communication officer Kazra Ferdon, the love he left back home.  They grew up on Corve, but didn’t manage to leave together as they once planned.  As the message begins to go out Station 43 suffers a massive hull breach.  Searching for survivors the pair discover people coming down with a fever causing a terrifying aggression in those affected.  It cannot be a coincidence that everything is going wrong on Station 43.  Once again Thanson and Kazra may not leave together, if at all.


In Discretion takes readers on a non-stop romantic adventure.  From the first page to the last Thanson and Kazra fight to survive and rekindle the love they shared as young men on their home planet.  There’s barely a chance to take a breath anywhere in this fast paced dangerous story.  Readers must catch on quickly to Thanson’s talent of keeping secrets because of its importance to the plotline.  Between the hull breach, secrets, and the hellish fever there’s never a dull second.  Enjoy In Discretion.  Just make sure you keep up because the twists and turns never end.

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