IN THE AIR TONIGHT by Lori Handeland

IN THE AIR TONIGHT by Lori HandelandIn the Air Tonight by Lori Handeland
Series: Sisters of the Craft #1
Genres: Fantasy, Time Travel
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by St. Martin's Press


Rachel Larsen is a school teacher who always knew she was adopted.  After all, being the only dark-haired person in her small Scandinavian area of New Bergin, Wisconsin was a dead giveaway.  Rachel has also always known that she is different in a couple of other ways, and she has worked hard to disguise those.  Seeing ghosts is bad enough, but when she forgets and gets caught talking with them from time to time, Rachel keeps hoping she can pull off “normal” well enough not to lose everything she has.


Bobby Doucet is a homicide detective from New Orleans who is trying to solve some murders in his area when he sees a bulletin of a very similar murder in a small berg in Wisconsin.  The next place this very Creole detective finds himself is in a community where a polar bear would be at home.  The other thing that Bobby realizes is that the only other person in town with dark hair is a woman who is acting strange and who found the murder victim.


Rachel realizes that her gifts are getting worse or better, totally depending on how you look at it, when she finds a murdered woman.  Once Bobby hits town, circumstances throw him and Rachel together immediately.  Rachel is trying her best to keep her gifts a secret from Bobby yet, as they work together to follow clues that prove this is no normal serial killer, Bobby and Rachel quickly realize that Rachel appears to be on the hit list.  As the clues come together, Rachel knows she will have to trust Bobby with her secrets and hope that they can bring down a killer and that she won’t lose the love that has also sprung up between them.  Rachel also knows that before she and Bobby will have a chance for a future together, she will have to make him make peace with his past.  The danger is getting way too close when Bobby and Rachel confront the evil that could end their future before it begins.


A woman with secret gifts and murky past falls for a homicide detective who really doesn’t want to believe in anything he can’t see or touch in In the Air Tonight.  I couldn’t imagine how difficult it was for Rachel to grow up in a place where she was so different from everyone else.  I had to smile when Rachel and Bobby met and the fireworks started right from the beginning and just got hotter as the case grew more dangerous.  I enjoyed reading as Bobby and Rachel slowly uncovered Rachel’s beginnings while tracking down a serial killer, along with their shared disbelief as the truth all came out with the past and the present slamming together.  I will admit that I had a hard time falling into the story in the beginning, but I found it totally worth the effort to get to the heart of the story.  I really found myself enjoying both the romance and the danger as it ended.  In the Air Tonight has a great mix of magic, passion, suspense, and deadly danger, which will not only keep you wondering until the end, but also wanting to dip immediately into the next book of the series.

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