IN THE PRIDE’S BEST INTEREST by Jessica LeeIn the Pride's Best Interest by Jessica Lee
Series: Ariel Estates #2
Published by Respendence Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Two years of caring for his cancer stricken mother has taken a toll on Shayne Matthews.  Her recent death was sadness and a blessing.  A hiking trip in the Smokey Mountains seemed like a way to clear his head until Shayne found himself completely lost.  Coming across a tall fence Shayne damns the consequences and climbs over which lands him in hot water and a cell.


As the Secretary of Ariel Estates, Eli Novak is the lion shifter in charge whenever Alpha Silas Murdoch is away.  After interrogating their human prisoner Eli decides the human is harmless and agrees to let him go.  Their brief meeting shouldn’t matter in the least yet Eli is unable to forget Shayne no matter how hard he tries.


When they meet once more the feeling is electric.  A mating between a lion shifter and a human isn’t possible.  At least it shouldn’t be.  As Eli and Shayne throw caution to the wind enemies of the Alpha take advantage of the situation.  Soon the passion will be outweighed by the unimaginable danger to Ariel Estates.


In the Pride’s Best Interest shines a light on a forbidden love.  The second installment of the Ariel Estates series turns racial prejudice on its side when a human and a lion shifter fall for each other.  Emotions run high and hot between Shayne and Eli in this dramatic tale.  Sensual and spirited In the Pride’s Best Interest offers readers intrigue and romance.  No matter how hard Eli fights it, love wins in the end.

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