THE INCONVENIENT PET by Samantha CaytoThe Inconvenient Pet by Samantha Cayto
Series: Alien Slave Masters #5
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

The garrison on New World Colony Seven is Travian cadet Wen’s latest posting.  Surviving a near fatal beating when a group of Travian extremists attempted to usurp their leadership on a space station Wen has healed and been transferred to a planet for the time being.  Smaller in size than most of his kind Wen became a life scientist after cadet training.


Curious about the planet Wen borrows a skiff and sets out to explore the native flora and fauna.  He never imagined coming across a semi-secret farming settlement that the garrison has chosen thus far to ignore.  Unfortunately for Wen he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time because the settlement fears that he is a spy.


Commander Jonathan Dax and his three man crew are sent by his superiors to infiltrate the seemingly innocuous settlement.  It is highly unusual for humans and Travians to live or work together, yet the leaders of the little farming community allowed them to stay claiming they want to peacefully settle the land.


Dax isn’t sure what to make of Wen, but he’s certain he can’t let the young Travian return to his post.  The problem is what to do with him and the answer that he’s given isn’t one he wants to even entertain.  For the safety of all Wen must become Dax’s ‘boy’, whether the commander likes it or not.  Fighting the inevitable won’t help.  From the moment Wen arrives events occur that signal change.  For good or bad all their lives are changing, Dax and Wen’s most of all.


Secrets and hidden agenda’s unravel the peace for The Inconvenient Pet, the fifth book in the popular Alien Slave Masters series.  The lives of the main characters Wen and Dax are put to the test in this otherworldly drama.  Emotionally charged the plotline builds and builds as Dax and his boy stumble and try to chart a course both can live with.  Surprisingly their relationship evolves into something real.  The Inconvenient Pet proves that love or concern comes in the most unlikely places.

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