INFINITE SURRENDER by Gayle Donnelly & Robyn Mckenzie

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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INFINITE SURRENDER by Gayle Donnelly & Robyn MckenzieInfinite Surrender by Gayle Donnelly, Robyn Mckenzie
Series: Blood Feud #2
Published by Ellora's Cave on 2012-12-21
Genres: Erotica, Paranormal
Reviewed by Jo

Book two in the Blood Feud series. Shape-shifting Coteri warrior Talon is mad with jealousy at the thought of Chloe, the woman he loves, being with other men. After a sizzling encounter, Talon is stunned to realize she's only his-has only ever been his. But his family line is tainted and he knows he isn't good enough for the torturously tempting redhead. Spurned by the best friend she betrayed and rejected by the man she wants so badly it hurts, Chloe leaves her home with the Coteri to investigate a series of brutal murders that could have sinister implications for them all. When he learns there's a traitor in their ranks and Chloe could be in danger, Talon will move heaven and earth to make sure she's safe-and to make her his, body and soul. A Romantica erotic romance from Ellora's Cave

Chloe is a rarity as female Coteri warrior.  The Coteri protect and keep their women safe, but when Chloe was asked to take on a long-term mission in Washington State, she jumped on it and ended up with a friend who could have been her sister.  However, because of her mission, Chloe had to lie about who she really was and what she was doing and this has caused a split between her and Mina.  The thing that should bring Chloe joy, and right now only causes more pain, is that Mina fell in love with Chloe’s brother Mathias and really is going to be her sister.  The only other thing Chloe has wanted is for her love for one of the Coteri warriors to be returned.  When Chloe returned home to Germany, she discovered that this also would never happen.   Knowing she can’t stay home with all of this rejection, Chloe jumped on the chance for a new mission back in Washington State.

Talon has wanted Chloe for years now, but there are two things that stand in his way.  The first is she is his general’s little sister and the second is Talon’s heritage which will never be good enough to claim such a wonderful Coteri female for his own.  Jealously has Talon acting out in a hurtful way and before he can apologize to Chloe, she is gone and immediately in danger.  Talon only wants to go and protect Chloe, but it seems everyone is against him doing so. 

Chloe is looking forward to her new mission and yet she can’t quite forget the pain she left behind.  It seems like those back in Germany have forgotten her though, but it isn’t long before the danger has Chloe more concerned with day-to-day living.  Working with a team of men this time is much different from Chloe’s first mission and yet it doesn’t take long before they are all working well together.  While Chloe is looking for a madman who is capturing and killing women in Washington, Talon is searching for a traitor who has placed not only Chloe, but also Mina, in danger.  The reports on what is going on in Washington are coming very slowly and as the danger ramps up, Talon has had enough and he has to go to Chloe even at the risk of forfeiting his future as a Coteri warrior.  After so many weeks with no contact from Germany, suddenly Chloe is faced with Talon and he wants to protect her body and soul.  The feelings between Chloe and Talon have exploded into an inferno of passion.  Why the change and why now are all Chloe wonder about as the clues finally lead to the answer she and her team have been hunting. The question is have they found the answer too late to stop the betrayal that has found its way from Germany to Washington State?

A spunky and fierce female warrior is taking no prisoners when she finally has a chance at the love of her dreams, even if a certain male warrior is fighting it with everything he has.  Talon and Chloe discover that love can overcome betrayal, harsh misunderstandings and even little sister syndrome in Infinite Surrender.  Even though I loved Talon in Infinite Betrayal, I wanted to hate him at first here because of his actions against Chloe.  But as I read on, I learned just what was behind them and started to cheer for Chloe to kick Talon in the behind and show him just how they were meant to be together.  I also loved Chloe, who I also met in Infinite Betrayal, and understood why she hid the truth about herself.  I loved learning so much more about Chloe and Talon as I turned the pages and wondered just what would be able to overcome the pain in their pasts and bring them together – before their passion exploded into flames.  This kicking warrior couple will never let anything get in their way again.  I certainly hope that we get more visits with them as the series goes on as I have fallen for them both.  Infinite Surrender is hot – hot passion, hot pursuits and hot suspense all wrapped up as two stubborn warriors learn that nothing matters more than their love.


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