INHERITANCE by Sean Michael

INHERITANCE by Sean MichaelInheritance by Sean Michael
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

One minute Texas ranch owner Cash McCord is dancing with a cowboy contemplating the night to come, the next he’s getting a phone call letting him know his beloved older brother Jack and wife Val have died in an accident.  Jack basically raised Cash after their parents died and he can’t imagine life without his big brother.  The rancher is devastated, but he doesn’t have time to grieve for long as it seems Cash and Val’s brother have been left in charge of their six nephews and nieces.


Traveling back East for the funeral Cash locks horns with the other uncle, Brad Rafferty, who wants to raise the kids there.  The rancher was planning on taking the children back to Texas once school finished for the semester, but Brad is against the plan.  They can’t seem to agree on anything.  Adding to the pressure is Brad’s uppity mother who also wants them and has a nanny on speed dial.   With everyone fighting no one is taking the children’s sorrow into account.


Between traumatized children and clashing adults nothing is getting accomplished.  Cash and Brad may need an act of God to get their act together at this rate.


Inheritance is impossible to resist.  This is a realistic look at a difficult situation that no one can easily handle.  Cash and Brad fumble and stumble at first. In the end they are impossible to resist and smoking hot.  A common foe makes the characters see the light and turns Inheritance into a feel good, heartwarming tale.   Follow along as the guys eventually get it right in this charming storyline.

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