INTIMATE by Kate Douglas

INTIMATE by Kate DouglasIntimate by Kate Douglas
Series: Intimate Relations #1
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by St. Martin's Press


Jacob “Jake” Lowell is a well-known photographer who is hunting for the perfect model for a new assignment he has.  The client is a friend, but also a wealthy person who is in the process of kicking-off two new projects.  One of them is very intimate jewelry and Jake knows exactly the type of model he needs, if he can just find her.  He is down to his last agency when lightning strikes and she appears in front of him.


Kaz Kazanov is a model with great business sense, but when something happens that could have gotten the boss behind a shoot in trouble, somehow it ends up with Kaz losing not only that modeling job, but also her modeling agency.  Kaz is beyond furious when she storms out to see her roommate, totally missing the other person in the room.  Kaz is wondering what she is going to do when she gets a phone call with an offer that could be the answer to her job questions, if she can trust such good fortune.


Jake and Kaz immediately take off to get to the winery where the pictures will be taken. It doesn’t take long before they feel attracted to the other and with the atmosphere that happens for the shots to get the correct feeling that attraction quickly moves to passion.  However, while this is going on, some strange accidents and messages begin to happen.  Jake is afraid he knows where they stem from—a very dark secret from his past—but he can’t figure out how could be behind them or why.  Life is definitely fast-moving and so is the romance between Kaz and Jake, and it seems like everything both of them come into contact with professionally is turning to gold.  Yet, just as the jewelry kickoff is about to happen, the very reason Jake and Kaz met, hurtful misunderstanding places both Kaz and Jake into deadly danger.  Time is of the essence and Kaz’s life is in the balance.  Will Jake be in time?


What starts out as a horrible day turns into a blessing and then a romance when a model and a photographer just click a shoot in Intimate.  I could tell it was just meant to be when Jake walked into the same agency that Kaz was about to go storming out of.  I thought their romance was just like a dream during their original shoot and loved watching it as it went along.  When I learned of Jake’s past background, I hurt as he was forced to live it again, but I cheered when Kaz accepted all of him.  Another cheer happened when Kaz and Jake won the day and came out the winners—both personally and professionally.  Intimate has a quiet erotic feel that just wraps around you with the additions of humor, friendship, and suspense.

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