It Happened One Wedding
by Julie James

Published by Penguin Genres: Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
Source: Reviewer

Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Sidney decides six months after a major breakup to get back into the dating game.  She has compiled a list of thirty-four items that men either will or will not do that are deal breakers for her.  When she meets an investment banker for coffee and the date ends up being a dud, she is surprised and shocked by the audacity of the handsome and rugged man who stops by her table to hit on her.  Due to her discomfort and if she would honestly admit her attraction, Sidney does what she does best  — she uses her sarcasm as a buffer and verbally lets loose on the confident and unsuspecting man only to find out later that he is soon to be a part of her family.


FBI Special Agent Vaughn Roberts is a ladies man and he knows it.  He is confident, sexy, and secure in the knowledge that he basically can date and sleep with any woman he wants at any time and they’ll know the score.  He isn’t looking for commitment and loves being able to date as many women as possible.  Then he sees Sidney in a coffee shop and his whole dating mojo is thrown for a loop by a sarcastic auburn haired beauty that he knows he has no business messing with. Unbeknownst to Vaughn, his fate is sealed.


In true Julie James style, she has brought together two seemingly different characters and made them human with just the right amount of comedy and sexiness to keep the reader totally hooked on the storyline.  Vaughn is your typical lothario – he’s foot loose and fancy free and doesn’t mind dating all types of women but ask him to commit, and he is out of the door.  Sidney I could relate to so much.  She is smart, sexy, and has a great career, but because of a situation with a former fiancé six months ago, she doubts her ability to find Mr. Right.   And then she meets Special Agent Roberts.


Telling you I loved It Happened One Wedding would not be exaggerating.  I can’t rave enough about how well written, funny and extremely sensual this book was.  I laughed out loud more than once watching and reading Vaughn and Sidney’s relationship unfold right before my eyes.  They didn’t know what hit them and that’s just the way I liked it!  It Happened One Weddingrevisits Vaughn’s FBI buddies and while readers do not have to have read prior books by Ms. James to enjoy It Happened One Wedding, I recommend going back and reading every single release because they are just as amazingly wonderful as this, her latest release.

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