I’VE GOT YOUR SIX by Erosa Knowles

I’VE GOT YOUR SIX by Erosa KnowlesI've Got Your Six by Erosa Knowles
Series: Club Reclamation #4
Genres: Contemporary, Military, Suspense
Reviewed by:Author
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Max is still trying to get a handle over his guilt in the aftermath of almost losing his son to a disturbed kidnapper whom he believed to be a dependable babysitter.  As a result, he still has an invisible wall between him and his lady love, Tamara.


Tamara knows that Max and his son are permanent men in her life.  But, convincing Max of that is difficult task.  In spite of this, Tamara refuses to give up.


To add more complications to their relationship, Tamara’s mother and new husband want Max to assist them with a major project that would put him in the spotlight.  Will Tamara and Max be able to find a balance between their family and personal dynamics?


While, I’ve Got Your Six is not quite as advantageous as the previous books within this series, I still found it to be an enjoyable read.  I love the continuation of Tamara and Max’s relationship with each new release.  The chemistry between them is still hot as ever and their sexual interactions will have you squirming around in your seat with heated desire.  Whereas, the plot is fascinating with a compelling focal point that pulled at my heartstrings, it just does not bring forth the explosive intensity that was found in the previous three novels.  Nevertheless, fans of this series will still take pleasure in reading I’ve Got Your Six.

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